by Charlie Abel
Author of the Raw Food Bodybuilding Training Manual

“The biggest reason I’ve found that spells success on the raw food diet is knowledge. After all, the number one cause of disease and death in the world is not cardiovascular disease or cancer — it’s ignorance! Ignorance of what really contributes to health. I’m writing this book so you can learn what I’ve spent several years learning from reading and personal experience so that you can find success and health on the raw food diet.

“Health is more than eating raw foods. Sure, eating raw helps a lot, but if you eat raw foods but breathe polluted air, or don’t get enough sleep, will you have good health? The same is true of exercise. It is an absolute requirement of life. Exercise aids other bodily functions such as circulation and digestion. It helps us to sleep soundly. We all need exercise on a regular basis, and in today’s high tech world of labor saving devices, I believe that few people get enough exercise. This is one reason why I’ve found that a 3 day per week workout frequency is more healthful than less frequent workouts that have seen popularity lately such as once a week or less.

“But there’s one important point about exercise that I wish to promote, and that is, that exercise causes the body to grow and develop, and growth and development are the qualities of youth. Many adults wish to be young again, so even if you’re very old, you have the opportunity to have within you a process usually thought of as belonging to youth exclusively — growth and development. Strength training is, in my opinion, the most beneficial of any form of exercise. For the little amount of time it requires, it yields the greatest rewards. Through strength training we have the ability to actually change the appearance of our bodies by actually adding muscle tissue to the body. Bones may be the framework, but fat and especially muscle tissue fill it out and give it shape. Think of it, you can tell your body how you want it to appear! Think of how adaptable the human body is. It’s there to serve you in anything you want to do.”