Growing Real Food Enlivens Your Mind-Body-Spirit

From Ten Great Reasons to Grow an Organic Garden Now
by Don Weaver
From Vibrance issue no. 6

I’m not sure I ever ate “real food” until I visited the organic farm of  ecologist John Hamaker in Michigan.  Back in the ’70’s, he was reviving the use of mineral-rich glacial gravel dust to grow nutritionally superior vegetables of outstanding flavor. It was worth waiting my then-lifespan of 22 years to experience the inspiration of that visit! It didn’t take me long to start my own mineralized-organic garden (including fruit trees) in California, and I’ve not been without a garden in the 33 years since! I consider it my number one health essential. While all the elements of healthful living are of great importance, your own garden producing some of your own fresh, vitalizing food should be high on your list of essentials!