Sleep: The Source of Your Self-healing Energy

Excerpted from Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by Dr. David Klein

Know your self-healing power! Use the gift of sleep to get well!

When we are sick or injured, the body’s actions are unerring as it goes about its business of restoring health. If we cooperate with the body, providing the optimum conditions for health, the healing job will be accomplished in minimal time. Healing is as easy as lying down, closing your eyes and letting the God within take over. Sleep is the most powerful healing remedy!

The body is a “self-curing” marvel! You have the self-healing power! Sleep gives it to us. Call it the “magic elixir of life,” the “fountain of youth,” “the rejuvenator,” “the invigorator,” or the “healing miracle worker.” It’s your personal power plant, your healing sanctuary, the ace up your sleeve, and Nature’s great gift!

Always remember: sleep = fastest healing results. That’s a direct order from the doctor within!