The vitality of our crops and ultimately our bodies depends on whether soils contain a broad spectrum and abundance of minerals. To remineralize our depleted soils with the broad spectrum of mineral elements found in the world’s richest soils, it is necessary to replenish the rock minerals that were originally present in the soil.

As awareness grows of the foundational need to remineralize soils for Earth Regeneration and, concomitantly, for human health and survival, commercial sources of rock dust are increasing. Many nurseries and especially organic gardening suppliers carry good products like Spiral Stonemeal, Azomite, and Summa Minerals (a.k.a. Agro-Winn), among others. Much more info on rock dust is found at, which provides a list of sources worldwide. Let me know if I can help you find sources in your area. Good actions bring good harvests!

Excerpted from Regenerate the Earth! by Don Weaver