Five Keys to Eating Sweet Fruit Meals
by David Klein, Ph.D., H.D.
From Raw Revelation
Chocolate Persimmon photo by DK.

1. Exercise beforehand. Eating fruit (or any food) when we have no cellular need for the sugar and other nutrients can lead to metabolic problems. We need to create the need for nutrients (true hunger) by

2. Clean out with water beforehand (10 minutes or more before eating). A clean alimentary canal will promote optimal digestion; a soiled alimentary canal leads to fermentation of fruit sugars, mucus production, indigestion and food drunkenness or fatigue.

3. Eat sweet fruits alone (mono or combo) or combine them only with greens, celery and/or cucumbers (except melons—eat them alone). Sweet fruits digest and need to assimilate quickly. Sweet fruits (except melons) digest well with only the “neutral” green foods (i.e., foods which are low in protein or starch and therefore do not require a long time for digestion in the stomach: leafy greens, celery and cucumber).

4. Wait six hours or more after eating nuts, seeds or starchy vegetables or cooked food. Those heavy foods require hours of digestion in the stomach. Wait until the stomach and intestines have digested and passed those foods through before eating sweet fruits.

5. Eat sweet fruits with greens, celery and/or cucumbers to mitigate overeating of sweet fruits (if you have such a problem). Rather than filling up on the sweet fruits, eat a small portion of them, then some of the green foods; alternate handfuls or eat together as desired.